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About Us

Here at Avitity we understand that no two substance use issues are identical. For far too long, substance use disorders were rooted in black and white thinking. You were either an “alcoholic” or not. You were an “addict” or not. However, alcohol and drug problems are as diverse and complex as humans themselves. Following your assessment with one of our specialists, you will learn if you have a diagnosable substance use disorder, the severity, and when appropriate, the best treatment options available for your unique situation.

Our guiding philosophies are respect and collaboration:

  • Avitity offers a respectful approach to alcohol and drug related services. You will be treated with the respect expected when working with any other health care professional.
  • Assessments and consultations are rooted in collaboration. You understand yourself and your unique situation better than anyone. Therefore, we will work together and form a partnership so joint decision-making occurs.

Services Available

Avitity specializes in chemical use assessments, consulting, and educational classes


Chemical use assessments

A comprehensive chemical use assessment is a interview meant to determine if a diagnosible substance use disorder is present and the disorder's severity. Our assessors are experienced in determining if there is a problem, the extent of that problem, and when a problem exists - the most effective interventions.. Remember:

  • No medical treatment is mandatory. You are autonomous and serve as the ultimate authority over your own health care.
  • Avitity provides neutral, impartial evaluations. We work independently from nonresidential and residential programs; as a result, you will receive guidance based upon best practice.
  • Assessment recommendations are presented to you in a timely manner, and depending on your situation, may consist of anything from simple suggestions to a complex, multicomponent intervention.
drinking and driving education classes

Guest Lecturing

Avitity provides free research-based lectures on alcohol, drug, addiction, and addiction treatment to Universities and non-profit institutions.

Crisis Intervention

An intervention is a professionally directed educational process involving an individual misusing alcohol or other drugs that results in a meeting with that individual, his or her family members and/or other concerned persons. The goal is to motivate the person in crisis to take part in medical treatment.

Driving with Care©

Evidenced-based cognitive drinking and driving education. Offering both level one (12-hour) and level two (24-hour) programs.

Fees & Services

Services through Avitity are private pay. We do not accept insurance directly. However, many PPOs and HMOs will reimburse all or a portion of your fees using your out-of-network benefits. You can also use your HSA, flexible spending dollars, or medical savings account when making payment. Payment is due at the time of your appointment.

Chemical Use Assessments

Driving with Care© (level one)

Guest Lecturing

Driving with Care© (level two)

Crisis Interventions

Addiction Consultations


Meet Avitity's clinical team.

Meet Michael



Michael is a Harvard graduate who has led multiple research studies through the Harvard Psychology Department. He authored A Frenzied Mind: Clarifying the science behind addictive disorders. Michael is a licensed psychotherapist, MN state approved supervisor of alcohol & drug counselors (LADCs) & LADC interns, and expert in scientifically supported substance use disorder interventions.

Meet Emily


Alcohol/Drug Counselor

Emily graduated with honors from Saint Cloud State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Community Psychology and Chemical Dependency. Emily is a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and is currently attending graduate school at Saint Mary’s University to become a Clinical Social Worker. When not helping people, you will find Emily baking, trying new recipes or lounging in the sun.

Meet Jackson


Alcohol/Drug Counselor

Jackson graduated with high honors from Metropolitan State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Drug Counseling & Masters of Science in Co-Occurring Disorders. Jackson is a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and specializes in the harm reduction model. Jackson acquired practical experience working at both Hazelden & Nuway before joining the Avitity Health team.

Meet Erin


Our clinical assistant Erin recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with honors and is interested in pursuing a master's degree in the areas of Behavioral or Developmental Psychology in the near future. She is an active runner, with aspirations of competing in a full marathon. She also enjoys traveling in her free time to gain new cultural experiences.